Posted by: tranquilpc | November 27, 2009

Tranquil Home Server PP3

All new Home Servers from Tranquil PC now come with some cool new ‘free’ features :


  • Home Server Power pack 3
  • AVA Media CD ripping engine
  • Logitech SqueezeCentre (WHS)
  • iTunes Server (WHS)

Power Pack 3 is great, especially for those who have Media Centres, Netbooks, or Windows 7 PCs.
Automatically move all of your TV recordings from your Media Centre to the Home Server, or even transcode and store the files for mobile players !

AVA Media CD ripping engine (previously sold for £49,00) give you a simple way to rip your AUDIO CDs to Home Server, just plug in any USB drive.  An option is available to upgrade to the CD/DVD ripping option !  The life long subscription to GD3 ensures great meta data !

This now makes the Tranquil Home Server range very exclusive – the perfect device to not only share your digital music, but also to generate it from your CD collection.

Logitech’s SqueezeCentre makes your Home Server a perfect server to deliver audio files to any Slim Devices Media Player

iTunes Server allows you to centralise you media in one place, to be played back on any network connected iTunes player



A number of other exciting ‘free’ Home Server Add Ins will be launched during 2010 !  Watch out.


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