Posted by: tranquilpc | November 24, 2009

WHS updates (24th November)

Get your new WHS Updates today, including Power Pack 3 !!

The new updates include :

KB973686  XML Core Services 6 SP2
KB973687  WS2003  Update
KB073688  XML Core Services 4 SP2
KB968349  WHS Power Pack 3
KB976098  WS2003 Update

It’s just a click to force the update – on your WHS Console ‘Settings’ page, or you can wait for the auto update.

Enjoy the new Power Pack 3 features.  Personally I like the auto transfer of my Recorded TV to the WHS storage pool from my MCE machine. 

Now my MCE will be upgraded to a new Tranquil ION Dual Core (incl PCIex tuners) with a SS HDD – no need for mass storage any more, and the benefit of 100% silence.  The perfect world (at least MCE + WHS) draws nearer.

More on the T2ION-W7 MCE later in November.


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