Posted by: tranquilpc | November 16, 2009

D510MO (Mount Olive) Mini-ITX main board

 imageThe new D510MO board, due to be shipped early Jan 2010, is a neat and tidy Mini-ITX board !

Seen here fitted with the Intel cooler, for fan less operation, testimony to the low TDP of the combined CPU + Northbridge.

Fitted with the Intel NM10 Express Chipset – you are in for a treat as far as performance / watt is concerned !


Quick Specification


Rear view – nothing too fancy



DX9 graphics
Intel x64 bit OS
2x Cores / 4x Threads
2x 512K L2 cache
DDR2 667/800 MHz
Total TDP (CPU + Chipset) – 15W (compared to 33W for D945GCLF2)

PS – No need for P4 power connector (or 12V strap wire) !!

Tranquil PC will be listing the D510MO from December 14th – shipping 1st week of January 2010.  Click here to request info


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