Posted by: tranquilpc | November 8, 2009

On Line Backup – just another one ?

Check out – just another online backup facility –judge for yourself

They are using what seems to be the most robust backup systems available, from the inventors of Remote Backup Systems (

Some features :

  • Automatic Continuous Backup
  • Simple – Install and Forget
  • Secure – Tier 4 Data Centre
  • Private – Nobody can read your files.
  • Restore anywhere via Web access.
  • Works with Windows or MAC machines – right out of the box

    They say “The Online Backup protects your valuable computer files by automatically storing encrypted copies in a secure Data Centre as you work, ready to be restored to any computer. Your files are double encrypted for complete security”

    The Online Backup FAQ

    What is The Online Backup? The Online Backup is online backup for your valuable computer files. Quick and easy to install and use, The Online Backup works in the background as you work, securing your data in a Tier 4 Data Center encrypted for 100% privacy and security.

    How do my files get backed up? Once you have installed the The Online Backup software, The Online Backup will automatically back up your files every day. Just leave your computer on and connected to the Internet and The Online Backup will take care of the rest.

    What types of computers will The Online Backup run on? The Online Backup runs on Windows and Mac computers. It runs on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, (including 64-bit systems) and all Mac OS X versions. Read More …

    Cost ?

    It seems that charges under £5.00 / month for 10GB – not bad considering this is a professional system, with all the features offered !

    Trial – they are also offering a 14 day TRIAL – may be worth trying that ?  Check that out here


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