Posted by: tranquilpc | September 26, 2009

Xtreamer Cooling (new)

tc4_side_800The Xtreamer, a great way to watch your Media on your HD TV !!

It ticks all the right boxes !

However, some reviewers and consumers have reported that the device can make a noise in operation.

The small fan fitted to the device is there to cool the main controller / processor as it is busy, especially during playback of HD video.

Xtreamer themselves do provide a fan speed control feature, which can slow the fan down, and there is a new fan version expected soon, to further reduce the background noise.

However, (UK Partner / distributor of the Xtreamer) in co-operation with Tranquil (designer of fan less cooling systems) are shortly to release a new ‘side cooler’ for the Xtreamer.

This simple to fit (after sales) item will render the Xtreamer silent.  Factory test results confirm that the cooler is perfect to keep the chips cool, whilst only getting warm to the touch.

No final word on shipping date yet, or the unit cost, but it’s hoped that the coolers will be ready to pre-order soon.

Just a few pictures below show the custom alloy cooler fitted to the little Xtreamer.





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