Posted by: tranquilpc | September 8, 2009

SQA-5H wins NAS Award (Tom’s Networking) Germany

Please see below a translation (sorry) from the following web page :



Who a home NAS drive, with the highest-performance Gigabit Ethernet needs, comes around the quiet Tranquil PC SQA-5H 2000 does not. Backed by a powerful CPU of the Windows Home Server makes even some race cars competing for SMEs and offers a total of five SATA slots, the reichlichhaltigsten expansion among the home appliances. It also agrees with the price, given the necessary power with around 650 euros is not too high, and the Tranquil PC eventually bestowed the Test victory. Verzeichnisduplizierung respectively, backups run without problems, should run in the SQA-5H 2000, however, at least two hard drives. Who the data in the standard configuration with a drive does not regularly provides to external storage, risks in case of emergency the complete loss of data.

The Tranquil PC will impress you with the highest read / write speed and is the test winner for the home NAS drives. (© Smart Media Press Service)


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