Posted by: tranquilpc | September 7, 2009

Xtreamers – Firmware 1.03 (Beta)


The Xtreamer 1.03 BETA has just been released.

What’s new in 1.0.3 Xtreamer firmware:
1. Folder lock (Setup->System->Lock Control)
– Folder access control using password.
– Default password: 0000
2. NAS mode (Setup->System->Power Mode)
– Power Off: if press “Power” button, always power off
– NAS Mode: if press “power” button, go to NAS mode.
– Confirm Window: if press “power” button, appear pop up window for selection.
3. Cover.jpg/Folder.jpg support.
– If exist Cover.jpg/Foler.jpg inside folder, it will show that image in preview area when folder is selected.
– If there is no image with selected music file and cover.jpg/foler.jpg exist inside same folder, it will show that image in music jukebox area.
4. Subtitle font/outline color support.
– Basic color selection (White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Aqua, Purple, Gray, Black)
– Advance color selection (Manual select RGB 24 bits color support)
5. Time skip support during movie playback using navigation button.
– up: +3 minutes, down: -1minute, left: -10 seconds, +30 seconds
6. Display HDD/USB/NAS/UPnP/Wired/Wired status in Home menu.

Other changes:

* NFS mount is possible if there is no HDD (internal or external) or USB drive.
– If there is no HDD, auto change from “HDD” to “NFS shortcut” in Media Library menu.
– NFS mount option with USB drive/USB HDD removed.
* Change index number in file browser.
– Upper folder index is 0. File or folder starts from index 1.
* UPnP Server boost function replaced with NAS Mode and can be executed from web.
* FTP server start/stop timing reduced and better access support
* Korean channels added in Internet menu.
* Remove My_Neighbours in NET item list.
Fixed bugs:
* NFS share unmount/delete bug fixed
* NFS handshake delay bug fixed.
* Latin character incorrect display fixed.
* System crash while entering USB device in file manager.
* NFS share unmount bug fixed
* NFS handshake delay bug fixed
* Backup/Restore/Reset functions support also for NFS and Live IP now.
* Samba free disk space display bug fixed.
– It can show total free disk space of all device (internal/external HDD).
– Each device free disk space can’t support.
– Total size not supported yet.
* Real audio (.ra) file removed from video category.

Instructions :

Get the file from :

1. Copy your file to a USB memory stick and use the USB host port on your Xtreamer.
2. Turn on your Xtreamer and navigate to the SYSTEM option in the SETTINGS menu of your Xtreamer.
3. Select the Firmware Upgrade option
4. Navigate to the USB memory attached to your Xtreamer containing the firmware update file Xtreamer_ver103.xtr .


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