Posted by: tranquilpc | August 25, 2009

Play your media files, with ease

Storing your media files, is easy, and becoming easier. Enjoying them, that is something else.

Your family pictures, stored on a PC, or a Home Server, or NAS are great, but how can you ‘cheaply’ view them on your TV (ideal viewing device)
Your music collection, again stored on a suitable ‘server’ can be enjoyed on numerous playback devices, but at what cost ?
Your films, whether private camcorder films, DVD rips, or downloaded movies, from whatever source (ie – so many formats, how can you easily just watch them ?

Of course for some time a Media Center was the answer, great – especially if it had HDMI output !  But at what cost ?

Then there have been a few set top boxes (STBs) that have come to market – again, great devices – as long as they supported all popular file formats, and had a nice user experience (UI), and did not cost the earth !

xtreamer_image-webSo you can imagine our amazement when we discovered a little box, the size of a 3.5” HDD, that had the required AV connections, nice user interface, wired or wire-less LAN options, and seemed to be able to deal with all manner of media, including MKV or High Definition Video !

So we got hold of a unit and had a try – well, it’s very simple, and easy to use as a network media player, easily locating and streaming files from PC’s, Home Servers or NAS boxes.  Then we discovered that you can also add a 2.5” HDD (so we did) – now that huge film and music collection can travel with you – yes, on holiday too !  Finally to our amazement, we discovered that the internal HDD content could also be shared – yep this was a uPNP server too !


So what is wrong with the little box – supply.  It’s been released but almost impossible to buy !


The good news, for UK users, is that a company has got the product (shipping from 1st September) – and seem to be committed to it’s support. web site seems to still be under construction, but we’ve been told it will be flying high just prior to the shipping date.


They are even taking ‘pre-orders’ now (or at least reservations) – with a gracious gift of a £25.00 WiFi upgrade !  Pricing looks great too @ around £99.00 incl VAT !!







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