Posted by: tranquilpc | July 15, 2009

Strike !


Who would have thought it !

It’s been very hot recently in UK, and thunder storms have not been uncommon.

But how many Tranquil Home Servers last week were struck by lightening ? TWO !!

Only one has made it’s way back here, the other one will follow.

We heard it had been struck (indirectly, from a nearby TV socket – what happened to the TV !!)

We didn’t expect what we saw – carbon burn marks to the inside of the normally pristine gloss white shell, and then 3 severe ‘weld’ type marks to the inner chassis !

Well the customer thought that was his ‘safe date Server’ was gone, and all his data along with it – we had to be prepared for the worst, and confirm his fears

Yes, the main board and internal PSU were blown, but amazingly the RAM and most importantly his HDDs (all of them) were safe !

So – some good news (on this occasion) even a fairly severe ESD strike (lightening) didn’t damage a SQA Home Servers data.

The end result, a damaged SQA, a damaged TV etc – but the DATA IS SAFE

image image  image


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