Posted by: tranquilpc | July 13, 2009

T3N – Net Top – with Ubuntu

T3N – what else could you ask for !!

A fully fledged Net Top PC (Ubuntu), near silent, low running costs, and neat to look at !

Just download Ubuntu Netbook Remix – burn the image to a USB stick and boot up !

It just works ! 

If you want to then enjoy the Netbook Remix from the internal HDD, just boot it install it, from the LIVE Netbook Remix desk top

Netbook Remix comes with all of your favourite tools, Open Office, Firefox and more !

Does it work on the T3N – YES, just right out of the box.

It’s really optimised for smaller, cheap screens – so  just hook up a screen and enjoy !

Get your stuff here :

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Tools to make your Remix bootable USB stick

T3N PC – make it just like you want it


Have fun !


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