Posted by: tranquilpc | July 13, 2009

BYI Home Server for £177 !

Credit Crunchin’ – Low powerin’ – Quiet runnin’



For a cool £177 + VAT you can get hold of a very neat little box, complete with 500GB (Green Power) HDD, and 2GB RAM

Just install your favourite OS (including Windows Home Server), for a neat low cost server box.  Not as cheap as a 500GB NAS, but able to deliver a whole load of solutions !

The offer is time limited, so be quick and grab a bargain.

The factory pre-fitted (quiet) fan ensures the 3.5” HDD runs nice and cool (approx 18’C above ambient), so even on a UK hot day (when will they return), the unit is very happy.

You can even order Windows Home Server for a 120 day trial – just to let you have a try – for free :



To grab one of these bargains just click on the picture, and check it out




  1. […] More details are available from here. […]

  2. Congrats Guys!! What an awesome deal to promote WHS. I do not know what I would do what my WHS and I love that you guys are trying to increase the WHS fold!!

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