Posted by: tranquilpc | July 5, 2009

One of those neat little discoveries (SugarSync)

Multiple PC’s (or MACs), locations, and how to get to all of your data.

There are many appns out there, some much better than others, some free and some not.

Recently I tried out SugarSync, one of the better sync applications.  Now multiple PCs can all gain access to ‘shared’ files, and all of those files are also available (backed up) to a cloud archive.

It’s not cheap – but if you want to get remote access to files, know they are backed up (off site) and don’t mind waiting while files are initially sent up to the web, then SugarSync may be for you

If you have used and benefitted from other applications, and want to make a comment – feel free !!

For pricing – click here



  1. We’ve found SugarSync to be a great backup & syncing product. The only downside is the lack of an unlimited space option. Since we’re backing up nearly 200GB, we went with Mozy. But for the collaboration & syncing options, SugarSync tops them all.

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