Posted by: tranquilpc | July 5, 2009

Find new clients (UK)

Sales leads are sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy to find.

I have personally always found ‘referrals’ and ‘word of mouth’ work best.

However, in these times of the Internet, ‘word of mouth’ is good, but with web marketing etc, the field is much leveller (good thing), but the sales messages broadcast are not always true (bad).

Sure, generate a website, put out a few 100 or 1000 pounds per month on Google Ad’s (they do work, but you are making Google fatter by the day), run some sponsored links, exchange a few banners….
Does it bring in the business ?  For some – yes, for others – not as much as they would like.

One idea (not new), is a buyer meets seller forum – and it would be great if there were more of those, but one worth looking at is B2B Quote.  This site, mainly for schools and public tenders, may be worth a punt of a years subscription (£99)


We aware that (like all public sector tenders) there may be a little paper(less) work on web forms, and so on, but if you work it through, you may find that you can expose yourself, and your company to some new and profitable orders.

If you have (good) experience of other B2B (matching) companies, in different market areas, why not let us know – and we’ll tell others.


We don’t get sponsored by any B2B companies – this is just one of those goods finds, and with some great feedback and experience (recently), it’s a find that could prove beneficial to you.


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