Posted by: tranquilpc | April 7, 2009

What is Windows Home Server

Here’s a few simple videos to explain just what Windows Home Server can do for you.

(Video time)


Cindy and Jim are a professional couple – who use Home Server for their Home Business. They discuss remote desktop access, photo sharing, file uploading and more …. enjoy the video


Doug and Heather explain how they now have peace of mind, with their Windows Home Server. Protected music files, and sharing of family videos and photos with remote loved ones.
Now they are relaxed knowing that 10 years of family pictures, and videos are protected.
They say it’s just a common sense solution to today’s digital home.

Steven, from Microsoft explains, in this 6 minute video what Windows Home Server can do for you.
He explains how the Home Server has 3 primary benefits – to Connect, Protect and Share your digital data in the Home (or small office).
It’s quick to set up, requiring only power and an ethernet (LAN) connection, then simply run a small programme on each PC in the home.
How to use the ‘shared’ folders on the Home Server, as well as monitoring the health of your PCs.
He briefly shows the Home Server console, here’s where you can make small changes, or check what’s going on.
Home Server automatically backs up all the connected PC’s and you can easily recover a single file, or even a whole computer hard disk, with a few clicks.
You can select to duplicate the folders, so the data is on two separate hard disks, and when you need to extend your storage, that’s just a few clicks away too.
Share your media files easily across your network, and have one place to store all of your pictures, videos and music.
Securely remote control your home PCs, or upload / download data from those shared folders whilst you are away from home.
It’s a pleasant video to watch, and quickly explains the basics of why Windows Home Server is proving to be such a success – thanks Steven


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