Posted by: tranquilpc | March 26, 2009

AVA RS5 – first images

front_2_800 The popular AVA RS3 has long been over due for expansion, and now the RS5 is ready !

RS5 is a 5 drive system, the RS3 was a 2 drive system – strange how numbers work – eh ?

Well it’s 5x HDDs can then be expanded up to 10x drives, but the RS10 is in fact destined to be a single drive system, so the conundrum goes on


So what is RS5 – well- it’s designed to rip and serve up all of your disc media content to your Home or boat etc AV systems. 
CD – DVD – Blu-Ray (optional) disks can all be slipped into the RS5 and then be gently  ripped before being ejected, and made ready for sharing.


With 5TB or 10TB (5x 2TB HDDs) on tap you should be able to store approx 1100x DVDs (single layer)  – not bad when that’s under £1.00 / DVD to be stored.


Tranquil are even going one further and offering 6 months FREE subscription to their Tranquil Life Server (offsite backup) service – so now your precious music and pictures (or work) can be backed up off site too (not sure you need to backup your DVDs ?






  1. I have been searching for sites related to this. Glad I found you. Thanks

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