Posted by: tranquilpc | January 18, 2009

AVA Media – now features on the AVA RS3 Music ripper/ server

Tranquil are pleased to announce that the award winning AVA RS3 Music servers are now supplied with a revised and updated CD ripping engine and user interface.

The AVA Media engine, is slim and fast, and quickly rips your CDs to your chosen Lossless format, before optionally down converting to a second format for Mobile playback (ie MP3)


  • There is a new user interface, showing your library, and track information
  • A new option to change album art is included, and coming soon an editor to allow some of those rare classic album tracks to updated
  • Still the same ‘slot in’ and ‘share’ concept is there, with no user invention required
  • The audio quality (FLAC) is precisely the same as on the original award winning AVA RS3 model – tested by machines and humans – the “sound is exceptional and vibrant”


So a new brand logo, a new feature rich experience, yet the same simple operation, delivers outstanding digital audio files



AVA Media – the future of your digital media storage



  1. You may have the ‘pre-AVA 1.4 or 1.5 version’

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