Posted by: tranquilpc | January 18, 2009

AVA Media – use it on any Home Server

That’s right !  You can now enjoy all the benefits of the AVA Media system on any Windows Home Server unit – including those without CD/DVD drives

Not only that – you can even rip your favourite DVDs (subject to local legal constraints)


How it works – Once the software is installed to your Home Server, and registered, you simply plug in your external drive and slide in a CD (audio version) or a DVD (full version) and the AVA Media system does the rest. 

  • AVA Media - WHS Add-inCollects and compares the meta data (track titles etc) from multiple data providers, including GD3 a premium data provider
  • Rips your CDs to high quality (lossless) formats or MP3 – then stores the files for sharing to your media players
  • Can be set to convert to a second format for mobile use (MP3 players)
  • Then simply ejects the disk when done (normally 4-5 minutes, depending on the number of tracks and disk surface condition)
  • The music files are then available to all your network and portable music players (subject to the server type), i.e. SONOS etc
  • Your music library is also available for viewing on your Home Server console

Option to upgrade to full version (incl DVD / Film monitor) with the following additions :

  • Rip DVDs to the server for archiving*
  • Your current videos will be indexed and shared in your new “video” library

* the ripping of your own private DVDs is permitted, but in some countries the ripping of commercial (hired or owned) DVDs is illegal. The AVA Media full package does not include any software to remove copy protection.  If you choose to install such software, then the AVA Media will then be able to archive and share all DVD titles across your network, you are yourself responsible for complying with local law when using disc copy functions.


To learn more – or get yours now – please visit the site


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