Posted by: tranquilpc | December 4, 2008

the AVA RS3 – gets a 5 Star Award in What HiFi



The AVA RS3 Digital Music Server wins a 5 STAR accolade in What HiFi Ultimate Guide to Technology 2009 – December 2009.

It’s rare that any product gets all PRO comments and no CONS !  The AVA RS3 Music Server is such a product.

“Quite apart from the simplicity of its installation and the silence of its operation, the AVA RS3 is Ultra-fast: flicking from Flac to Flac on our Linn Sneaky DS was instantaneous, and there’s no hint of fan noise to spoil the party.  All told, this is an exceptional solution for digital music storage”

“The AVA RS3 is a perfect foil for the Sonos system,it connects easily, gives rapid access to a ton of high quality music content (up to 3200 CDs stored in Flac format) and, crucially, operates silently “

If you don’t have a copy of What HiFi’s Ulitimate Guide to New Technology 2009, it’s available from WHS, Asda etc

But if you want to quickly check out what they said – get a quick review here

To learn more about the amazing AVA RS3 – click here

If you would like to have an AVA RS3 specialist call you – just let us know.



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