Posted by: tranquilpc | November 20, 2008

Could Squash be 2008’s Best Home Server? Read on to find out…..

Terry, over at has published his review of the SQA-5H Home Server, including some inner shots !


5-thumbBritain’s Tranquil PC were the first manufacturer to release a home server to the general public in September 2007. Since then, the company have continued to release a range of home servers in  a variety of single and multi-drive configurations. Their latest model, the SQA-5H, is their first home server with hot swappable drive bays and a few new additional hardware innovations which make using Windows Home Server even easier. Our review hardware arrived late last week and we spent the weekend taking a good look at what the Squash had to offer.

The Verdict

So, what’s the verdict on the Tranquil PC SQA-5H? Well, as with most of Tranquil PC’s servers, you won’t find the SQA-5H in the bargain basement, and if you’re looking for the best deal on a home server, there’s cheaper options about. That said, the Squash’s hardware specification is pretty strong – the 64-bit ready Atom 330 processor is quick enough for a home server and if you go for the 2Gb of RAM there will be very little need to upgrade the hardware for some time yet, so it’s a decent investment.

The chassis is certainly Tranquil’s best to date, and Tranquil PC do very good chassis design, so don’t take this lightly – the Squash is well designed and finished, feeling like a high quality piece of kit. Five drive bays should keep all but the most heavy of users happy for quite some time, and the storage expansion options available via External USB hard drives and the optional SQA-EX will ensure you’ve always got plenty of storage available for your growing digital life.

It’s great to see Tranquil PC continuing to innovate in their hardware design – the one-button manual backup feature builds nicely on new functionality provided in Windows Home Server Power Pack 1, and provides simple, convenient protection for your shared folders.

The SQA-5H is easily Tranquil PC’s best home server to date – in fact, if you’re looking for a compact, quiet, multi-drive home server with good looks, great performance and a myriad of expansion options, the Squash is just about perfect.

You can purchase the SQA-5H from Tranquil PC direct or a variety of online retailers including in the UK, in Italy, and in Germany.

To check out the full review click here….
To check out all the details, from Tranquil’s web site – click here….


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