Posted by: tranquilpc | November 13, 2008

At Home in the Office

Windows (Home) Server – equally at home in the small office too.

The Windows Home Server is ideal for many smaller offices, or remote offices.

Below you can see the new SQUASH Server (that little black box on the right) providing useful system backups / file servicing / remote synchronisation and other services for the Tranquil R&D offices.

It’s also servicing all of those printers !

There are 1.7M businesses in the UK alone with less 10 employees (WHS services up to 10x client PCs) !  The deployment of a low energy, low cost ‘home’ Server for these business surely is a great benefit (peace of mind, if nothing else) !


Perhaps one day there will be an extension to the Home Server suite to offer ‘small office’ services – but for now, that little black box (available also in white) is ensuring that our R&D offices are taken care of, and all of our data is safe !


Squash Server – equally at home here too


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