Posted by: tranquilpc | October 19, 2008

Build your own data server – and not a bad one either

Tranquil hot on the heels of the SQA-5H, have just launched a BYO version – the BBS1 and BBS2.

The SQA looks neat enough, but for those who prefer a home brew server OS, and want to take advantage of the embedded RAID controller (WHS does not use the RAID, but rather it’s own HDD management system) – then the BBS1 and BBS2 look neat – in fact they look as good as the SQA-5H, but without the fancy light show on the front !

Looks like they will ship a little earlier than the SQA’s too.

For more information, and a list of the RAID features take a look at the web site
(just click on the picture)


Also – it’s useful to note the price tag, compare this to the QNAP etc – to say it’s a full blown x86 platform with a 1.6GHz Intel HT (and Dual Core in the case of the BBS2) CPU is staggering !

So all you Linux Server people will now be well impressed !



ubuntulogo   75px-Mandriva_logo 200px-Archlinux-official-fullcolour.svg





  1. This is great! I’ve been waiting for something like this for too long…

    Lingering on the “Add to Chart” button, I still have three questions:

    1. How silent is it? Is the BBS2 different from the BBS1 in the noise department? Is it possible to put the disks on standby and slow down the fan? (I have a T2, always on, that passes the sleeping girlfriend test.)

    2. You offer two RAID controllers. Is the eSATA present in both (in one case non-RAID) or just with the “3x RAID + eSATA + 2x non-RAID” option?

    3. Is there a VGA port? A console/serial port? Ehm, something? From “no support” to “blind install”… I know, no Linux support, but still!



  2. Both models (BBS1 and BBS2) have the same acoustic properties.

    The RAID HDDs will spin down

    The Fan speed can’t be controlled – it is factory optimised to ensure cool HDDs, bth without undue noise (the HDDs are louder than the fan)

    Both RAID controllers have 4x RAID SATA ports. On one model there are 3x internal plus eSATA, on the second model all are internal (4x RAID SATA)

    There is a ‘service’ cover on the back, which allows access to VGA, RS232 etc – this cover can be removed for OS installation, or service troubleshooting, and then replaced for nrmal service use.

    Thank you

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