Posted by: tranquilpc | September 11, 2008

T7-S Schools PC

Tranquil PC launch the T7-S (Schools PC) – September 2008



Introducing the T7-S – PC for Schools

Today our schools are increasing the number of PCs in the classroom. It is expected that most schools will have at least one PC per 2-3 students, and many schools will have an even higher ratio. This is at the same time as the UK Government are promoting ‘Green initiatives’ and encouraging lower carbon footprints!

Click here to get the full document (2MB)

PCs are one of the heaviest loads on a School’s electricity supply. There is no option to reduce the number of PCs – the answer is to reduce the power consumption of the PC itself. In so doing you are not only contributing to a lower carbon footprint, but also saving real electricity costs too.

Is it really possible to have a PC powerful enough for classroom use, and yet saving 75-80% of the electrical power of regular PCs? It is now, with the Intel Atom powered T7-S.

The T7-S is an optimised PC for schools. Powered by Intel’s latest energy efficient processor, the T7-S offers unsurpassed performance, with the power consumption of a low energy light bulb. The T7-S is also fan less; this means they are almost silent too, encouraging a better classroom environment. The fan less design also ensures longer life cycles between PC changes, again saving costs to your school and the environment. This reliability factor also ensures less downtime and IT service costs.

The all aluminium construction enhances this UK designed product. These PCs are very small and can even be securely fixed to desks or walls. They have standard PC connections and support all operating systems, and so can quickly be deployed into the school network setup.

Click here to get the full document (2MB)

Not only will these T7-S PCs make direct and immediate power cost saving, there are also in-direct savings too. By reducing the power output of the PC this reduces the requirements for air conditioning. The heat reduction from thirty T7-S PCs in a classroom, compared to regular PCs is approximately 7600 Btu. The following information can indicate savings per classroom of thirty PCs:

· Annual Direct running cost reduction (PCs) £630 *

· Annual Indirect running cost reduction (A/C) £140 *

· Annual CO2 reduction (carbon footprint) PCs 1350 Kg *

· Annual CO2 reduction (carbon footprint) A/C 300 Kg *

· Decreased unit costs due to extended lifetime £800 *
Total cost saving £1570 per annum
Total CO2 saving
1650 Kg per annum

* based on the following data: 30x installed PCs – running 35 hours / week / 40 week year – comparison to a regular (100W) PC – power costs of £0.20 / kWH over the next 4 years – 1kWH generates 0.43Kg of CO2 – 1kW equals 3412 Btu – 8000 Btu A/C unit uses 1kW – A/C is used half of the year – Life cycle increases from 3 years to 5 years – No additional energy management is used.

 Click here to get the full document (2MB)


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