Posted by: tranquilpc | May 31, 2008

D945 (Atom) PCs and Vista

atomlogosmallkz0Can the D945GCLF main board run Vista – and Aero ?

The initial samples (dev) that we tested did not provide full DVMT memory management, and this is required to get the 128MB video RAM needed for Vista Aero.

The production release ( 0038 ) of the BIOS does manage DVMT correctly, which means that the Aero Glass experience functions.  Depending on HDD /RAM used, we have found Windows Vista performance levels of 2.4 – 3.2 – which is exceptionally good for a low cost system, such as the Atom.

General desktop experience (Vista) is good.  Results from focus group users indicates that the general responsiveness, VGA sharpness, overall experience was good, and not what was to be expected from a low cost platform.

More data to follow – ie benchmarking results – shortly.



  1. Hello, I run Vista Home Premium SP1 32bit on LittleFalls and cannot wake up my PC from S3 and S4 ACPI state. I am using last drivers for chipset, vga, lan and sound. No newer Bios was released (using 0038).

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