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M one FAQs



The M one Home Media Server.

A compact, simple solution for all of your home media requirements.

We’ve put up this page, to answer all of your queries, keep an eye on it.

To ask your question now – just drop us a line to

Below are your questions – and our replies :

QUESTION : how does the set top box connect to the home server and if the home server has 4 tuners, why does it need to connect to a set top box?

ANSWER : The STBs connect to the Server via 10/100 LAN.  The Server is designed to service multiple STBs, not function as a Media Center.  There are 4x tuners, to ensure up to 4x rooms can enjoy live TV, or a mixture of Live TV, recording of Live TV and playback of TV recordings.

QUESTION :  can I upgrade my T2-WHS-A3 to a M one server ?

ANSWER : Yes, Tranquil are offering an upgrade path – please drop us a line directly – just quoting you name, and requesting an upgrade to . You should receive a reply within 48 hours.

QUESTION :  Do I need both the media server and the set top box?

ANSWER :  The media server is a headless device, with no user interface.  The Set Top Box is a ‘client’ allowing control, and interaction with the server.  There is a PC application, that functions like the STB, but a PC is not ‘sofa’ friendly as the STB.

QUESTION : What is the power consumption of the solution? 

ANSWER : A twin HDD Server, fully operational consumes approx. 48-55W.  An operational STB consumes approx. 9W

QUESTION : How many tuners are there, can I view one Freeview channel whilst recording another?

ANSWER : The are 4 independent high quality Digital TV tuners. They are not low cost, poor performance USB style tuner, they are state of the art devices. 
Each tuner can provide either a Live feed, or Record a feed.  Ie – 2x STBs can be watching different channels, whilst another 2x channels are being recorded.

QUESTION : Will the HD Set Top Box work with the WHS-A3 I bought from you ?

ANSWER : Yes, it will.  You will have to purchase a ‘server’ licence to allow the STB to control and interact with the T2-WHS-A3.  As your T2-WHS-A3 does not have tuners, you will not be able to use the TV services, but music, pictures, DVDs, weather, online videos etc will all be available.

QUESTION : What about language support? Are the STB’s adjustable in another language?


QUESTION : are the STBs SAGEtv set top boxes ?

ANSWER : Yes.  We have tested numerous solutions, and to date, the SAGETV STB and the SAGE Server have won in every way.  Power efficiency, silence, reliability and usability – we’re pleased to have had the extensive support of SageTV staff over the last 4 months.

QUESTION : Is the SAGETV EPG supported in the UK, or do I have to subscribe to TVTV type services ?

ANSWER : During the setup process, you should select ‘do not use subscriber services’.  This way the EPG data that is used is the data transmitted with the TV data.  It is free, it works perfectly.

QUESTION :  I’m getting duplication of EPG data, ie 2x BBC1, 2x BBC2 etc. Although I have multiple tuners, I only want to see one EPG data source.

ANSWER : During the setup process, for the second and subsequent tuner selection (s) – make sure you select ‘current EPG’ guide.  Then use the EPG from the 1st tuner that was setup.  This way, only one EPG line will be shown in each channel guide.



  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    A few questions from the Netherlands:

    1] Is there any preview of the user-interface of the settop-boxes? Does it look a little like MCE?

    It is like MCE, perhaps not quite so ‘flowing’ in some areas, but certainly more ‘user configuarable’

    2] Does it also support encrypted DVB-T tv? Here in NL we have only one DVB-T provider called Digitenne, but to watch it on a MCE/PC we need a seperate Conax CAM-module to decrypt it …

    The tuners work with ‘free to view’ DVB-T channels.

    3] Possible to built in an analog TV-tuner, or maybe an external one by usb-module?

    Other types of tuners could be used, but these are not tested, or certified. USB versions could work, but becareful with USB the bandwidth (TV quality) suffers.

    4] What about language support? Are the STB’s adjustable in another language?


  2. Do you selling hardware with SageTV installed?
    or it’s different kind of software?

    The M one is powered by Windows Home Server, with SAGETV server running

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  4. As an existing SageTV user I can say – great choice!

    Is the HD extender available today or is it too only available on the 14th April? Will I be able to buy it without having to purchase the server?

    the STBs should be available from 14th April – our initial stock all sold in a day

    we are accepting orders for STBs on their own 🙂

  5. Can you use the STB connected to a wireless bridge? or is there any other wireless option?

  6. This can be a I enjoy examples of the articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to definately be visiting again!

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