Posted by: tranquilpc | March 22, 2008

your media – your life

Finally the M one gets finishing touches.


The clip_image002 from Tranquil – your media, your life

Digital media is all around us. Music, images, video and television.

It was not so long ago when this entire media was stored on physical items (expect live TV). But over the last decade or so, the digital media format has not gently worked its way into our lives, it has overwhelmed us. MP3 players, iPods, digital TV, still cameras, camcorders, CDs, DVDs, online content – it’s not just for the privileged few either – it’s affordable, it’s here and it’s in your life.

With this huge amount of digital information in our lives has come its own problems – storing it, protecting it, retrieving it, and sharing it. The computer has been the general tool for managing our digital information, but a PC is not so good for enjoying the content from the sofa. The arrival of Media Center products over the last few years has gone some way to making our lives a little easier. The problem with most Media Center products has been cost, reliability, and connectivity as well as user acceptance.

Tranquil have been researching the possibility of a single ‘One Box’ solution to become the centre of the digital home. The requirements for the appliance, now known as M one (Media one), were to deliver a simple, effective, affordable, and reliable solution to store, protect and share digital media including desktop PC files and also to become the central hub for digital TV services.

This appliance, M one, had to ensure delivery of multi room digital TV entertainment, through low cost, low power consumption, easy to connect set top boxes (STBs):

· Live TV with time shifting (TV pause)

· Playback of recorded TV shows

· Auto recording of favourite TV shows

· Easy to use TV program guide

· Playback of DVD files held on the central server

· Playback of downloaded video / audio material

· Playback of music files

· Browsing of picture albums

· Online media content incl HD video

Additionally internet access to the system would prove beneficial:

· Internet control of the system

· Internet access / playback of all media

clip_image003 – it’s here

The central M one server based on the established Tranquil T2 fan less, low energy server chassis – hosts four digital TV tuners and high capacity storage low energy hard disks. The TV server application runs under the Windows Home Server operating system, which additionally provides computer backup services etc. The server can be located anywhere in the home that has power, network and TV antenna points.

The Set Top Boxes (STBs), managed by remote control handsets, ensure complete control and access to your whole media system. With connectivity to match today’s TVs and audio systems, setup of the STBs is easy. Video connections via HDMI, Component HD, Composite video or Svideo – Audio connections via HDMI audio, Optical SPDIF and analog audio – All ensure that every TV should be catered for. The Ethernet connection and power input complete the STB connectivity.


The connection and setup of the system is very easy, but for complete peace of mind customers can call upon the M one RISS. As part of the purchase, every customer can call upon the M one Remote Installation Support Service (RISS) to assist in the initial setup.


The M one system will be available to order from late March 2008, and will be shipping early / mid April 2008.


The M one system pricing will be available from 24th March 2008.


More info – learn more – contact us now


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