Posted by: tranquilpc | March 20, 2008

Media (M) one


Media one (M one) is going on sale over this Easter weekend.

What is it – better question is what is it not ?

  • Want / need a Home Server ?
  • Want / need a Media Server ?
  • Want / need a TV recorder ?


The “M one” from Tranquil
ombined with low cost HD
Set Top Boxes –


  • Watch live DVB-T television
  • Playback recorded TV programs
  • Setup TV recording schedule
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Listen to your music collection
  • View your picture albums
  • Watch DVD files
  • Watch downloaded videos
  • Watch online videos (incl HD)


With 4x DVB-T digital TV tuners built in, you can enjoy simultaneous multi-channel viewing / recording.  With up to 2000GB of internal storage, and optional external storage you should never run out of entertainment content.

The HD Set Top Boxes, simply and silently control and stream media content from the low energy M one device to your television.  The M one box can be located anywhere that provides a wired network + TV antenna + mains power.

your media
your life


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