Posted by: tranquilpc | March 18, 2008

Windows Home Server – used in UK businesses



You know in excess of 55% of the sales of our Home Servers (as far as we know) arebigstockphoto_Business_People_Near_Desk_1600784 actually in use, protecting and supporting small businesses !

Of course larger offices will no doubt be using other Microsoft Server OS, but for small business, it seems WHS is a real winner !!

Some useful facts……

· In the UK there are 1.7M businesses with under 10 employees.
· 98% of all business do not carry out a daily data backup.
· 55% of file backups that are carried out are incomplete.
· 55% of data backup restore processes fail.

· By the 7th day of a major data loss, companies experience a 25% loss in overall income. By the 25th day it is 40%.   For modern businesses with IT based systems, the effects are losses are more aggressive.
· 43% of companies that experience a severe data loss and that have no data backup plan in place never re-open.
· Even those companies that try to recover could be out of business within 2 years of major data loss,
according to a study by the National Archives and Records Administration

All worrying stuff really, and data often used by PC backup software companies to sell their products.

But why sell the ‘fear factor’ alone – a Tranquil WHS based server, offers not just ‘security’ but a whole lot more !

We’ve put together a small ‘learn more’ web page,  simply showing how the Tranquil server, can and should be used in any one of those potential 1.7M small business !

Any feedback, most welcomed.

Here’s the link :



  1. One small problem with small businesses using WHS for their backup solution is that Microsoft *still* hasn’t fixed a corruption bug in WHS so you stand a risk in losing ALL your data.

    Personally I wouldn’t touch it with a 100′ barge pole, Windows 2003 Server is a FAR better product and is at least stable!

    The Tranquil Server is a very nice looking piece of kit though 🙂

    Keep up the good work in Manchester!

    RESPONSE -Appreciate the feedback. WHS data bug is a problem, in the short term, but it only ‘may’ be a problem, under limited circumstances. We have heard from MS that it WILL be addressed in the very near future.

    The Server appliances CAN be bought online, without WHS installed – for those wanting to install Server 2003, etc

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