Posted by: tranquilpc | February 11, 2008

T7-HDx ready to order


The T7-HDx – Designer Storage Expansion modules for the Tranquil T7 Home Servers

Since it was conceived, the T7 Home Server was designed to accept a ‘slide’ on external HDD device to easily expand the internal storage.  The devices, known as T7-HDx, quickly connect and merge with the T7 servers.

This device is now being prepared for shipping over the coming weeks. 

What does it provide?

· The T7-HDx is be available in two versions, the 2X5 (2x 500GB) and the 2X1 (2x 1000GB).  The HDDs used are the low energy, reliable, quiet Western Digital Green Power disks.

· The disks can be set to function as 2x individual disks (default), or 1x large disk, or a safe RAID (mirrored) array.  The disks are heat pipe cooled to the alloy chassis.

· There can be up to four T7-HDx devices attached to a T7 Home Server, providing up to massive 9TB of storage.  HDD access is via high speed port multiplier technology.

· The included ‘bridging’ links ensure that the T7 and the T7-HDx devices form an aesthetically pleasing, singular component, even being wall mountable.

· Low energy, low noise, ease of connection, and long term reliability are fundamental design features of this unique mass storage device.

T7HDxT7FRNT2 Do I need one ?

There have been calls to Tranquil PC, for the last six months, to release the promised ‘slide on’ storage extender for the T7 Home Server.  To fully benefit from Home Servers data duplication feature at least a second HDD is needed.  The T7-HDx is a graceful, low noise, low energy addition to the T7 Home Server, offering multiple storage extensions.  If you want to expand the storage of your T7 Home Server, with a fanless, quiet, low energy device, the T7-HDx is the best item available.

How does it connect?

There are only two simple connections – a) power (using the 4 way power cord, supplied with the T7), and a b) high speed data cable. There is also an eSATA port, for use with the T2 Home servers etc.

What are the environmental features?

The power consumption (idle but spinning drives) of each T7-HDx is approx 11 watts.  The maximum power consumption is approx 18 watts.  The chassis, being primarily recycled aluminium, is re-cycle able.  The acoustics for the unit are a mere 21dBA (similar to a T7 Home Server).  

Can I disconnect the T7-HDx and review the files on another PC ?

Yes, the device can either be connected via a USB2.0 port or the eSATA port, to a suitable computer. Although removing the device should only be done while the Home Server is turned off.  For a safe way to ensure your data and backups are backed up, to a removable device, see below.

When Home Server PowerPack 1 is released, can I use this device as an Home Server external backup device ?

Yes, when Home Server PowerPack 1 is released later in 2008, the new ‘backup feature’ will allow an externally connected HDD (such as the high capacity T7-HDx), to be used to ‘back up’ the Server itself, allowing the backups, and data to be easily ‘removed’  and stored off site, from time to time.

T7HDx logoblk2 When will it be available?

The T7-HDx will be shipping from early March 2008, subject to availability.  It will be formally made available for pre-order during February 2008.

What is the price?

The T7-HDx 2X5 (1TB) will be available from £249.00 (+VAT)
The T7-HDx 2X1 (2TB) will be available from £449.00 (+VAT)

Can I get a discount, as a current T7 Home Server owner ?

Yes, upon release, there will be an option for current T7 Home Server owners, to claim a discount against the purchase of any T7-HDx devices. 


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