Posted by: tranquilpc | December 29, 2007

WHS FAT32/NTFS Backup issues

WHS users may want to check out the comments made below – re Backing up Files to a WHS.  This issue it seems revolves around a HDD that WAS FAT32 – but was then converted to NTFS (remember only NTFS formatted drives can be backed up to WHS).

Tranquil WHS client struggled with Backup (checking files after backing up, a wise move) :

Initial (worrying) email :

I have WHS up and running on my new Tranquil T2-WHS-A3 server. I have set it up to backup 2 computers every night. So far it has done 2 backups of each computer. Both computer are running Windows XP with NTFS partitions with a wired network using a Netgear WGR614 Cable/DSL router.

When I try an access a file in the backup, I can Open the Backup OK and the explorer screen showing all the folders in a drive opens OK. But when I click on a folder to access a file in that folder I get the following message

“X:\foldername is not accessable. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”

Later email from David (thank you) follows :

However, looking further I realised that the only backups I could read were the ones of the original ‘C’ drive of both my main pcs that were supplied formatted to NTFS. I could not read the backups of the data or photos drives. These drives were originally formatted to FAT32 and had been converted to NTFS when I noted from the documents of the Microsoft WHS site that WHS would only backup NTFS formatted drives. These drives were converted to NTFS using the conversion routine in Norton Partition Magic 8.

I decided to copy the data from these drives to another drive, delete the drives, create new drives and format them to NTFS and then copy the data back. When I had done this to one drive I deleted all existing backups and tried again. I could then read this backup and restore files with no problems. I then did the same to all the other drives that had been converted and I can now read all backup with no problems. I then decided to backup by Sony laptop. All the drives on this were formatted to NTFS and I can read the backups from that as well so all is well.

Thank you for your help and if the same problem occurs with another customer, ask them if they have converted their drives to NTFS!


David R


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