Posted by: tranquilpc | December 4, 2007

WHS – VISTA Connect

Have you tried to install ‘WHS Connector’ on a VISTA based PC ?  You may discover that the ‘WHS Server’ can’t be found (this may be due to running the setup application as a restricted Vista user.

If this is the case – you need to run the connector software on your CD as ‘Adminstrator’.

Please see screen shot to the below, which shows how.


1.  Right click on the ‘Setup’ file.
2.  Run as Administrator
3.  Complete setup process.

If you get to the last stage, and find that you are presented with ‘can’t connect to the ‘Server’ again, then go ‘back’ and try to re-connect.  If this fails (again) then re-start the Home Server, wait, then try to re-connect again.


You will be finally presented with the ‘Ready to use screen’.


Click Start (and you will be logged on)


Your must now use the console to ‘Activate’ Windows, this is done, by going to ‘Settings on the Console.  You may be prompted to Activate Windows by pop up warnings too

Then in the Resources tab, please activate Windows.


Your Server is now ready to use

(TIP – make sure you remember the STRONG password that you entered as the ‘Administrator’ PASSWORD !!)


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