Posted by: tranquilpc | November 26, 2007

UK green electronics drive must keep going

Check out ‘Staples’ news :

More UK businesses must invest in eco-friendly office equipment, it has been claimed.
Research by Siemens Financial Services highlighted a lack of green products available as well as the initial cost of implementing a green strategy.
In its report, entitled Our Green and Pleasant Land, the firm encouraged electronics manufacturers to expand their environmentally-friendly product ranges.
It was revealed that one in four UK firms polled now measure their carbon footprint, while two-fifths have set up carbon-reduction initiatives.
“This independently conducted research amongst British businesses provides a really encouraging picture, but also reveals some serious barriers to a significant increase in low-emission equipment investment,” confirmed Rod Tonna-Barthet, director of Siemens Financial Services.
Manchester-based Tranquil PC have claimed that the vast numbers of computers in use today makes them key to tackling emissions and energy use across the globe.
According to the eco-IT specialists, some businesses have already started to switch to “greener machines”, with various government organisations and firms changing ten or 20 computers every month.


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