Posted by: tranquilpc | November 22, 2007

Hush – keep it quiet

Hush, of Germany launch the first fan less server.  Really ? The first fan less server ?  Maybe true for Germany – but not for world – eh ? 

Anyway – looks like you could order one of these fan less devices.  They do look rather nice (even with a DVD drive slot ?).

Seems you get 10.100 LAN – and the base cost 2x 250GB HDDs will set you back £615.00

If you wanted a better spec’n 10.100 + 1GB RAM + 2TB HDDs that will cost you £993.00 (ouch)

Or you could go with a 64 bit ready T2-WHS-A3 (oh, fan less too) with 500GB version @ £348.00 or for the 2TB version £677.00

Either way you’ll be saving over £260.00 (or £316 for the 2TB).

If you want excellent engineering, near silence, low operating costs – who you gonna call ?


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