Posted by: tranquilpc | November 22, 2007

Green Power – ALL GO

GpleavesWD 500GB Green Power HDDs finally arrive.

For the last 6 weeks, the 1TB Tranquil Home Servers have enjoyed just that little bit more power saving (approx. 4W power saving) due to the fitting of the Western Digital Green Power (GP) HDDs.

We’ve been waiting for the 500GB versions – and now they are here.


What does that ‘GP’ mean – well in ‘real terms’ it means a T2-WHS unit fitted with 2x 500GB drives will save 8W (typical assuming high HDD idle time) – which translates to approx. £8 / year – not such a lot, but if UK Utility companies start to charge ‘Carbon Footprint’ taxes, every little will help. Put another way, that 8W saving is like turning off a low energy light (assuming it was on 24/7).

The forth coming T2-WHS-A3 model, which sports a higher performing Intel CPU will only be delivered with GP drives.

GP drive systems not only save £’s in running costs, they are do just that little bit more for the environment (Carbon reduction).  They also meet our demanding acoustic requirements (they are quiet).  So – thanks to Western Digital, for making just that little bit of a difference.

Just for comparison :

Unit name CPU HDDs Idle state Full power Shipping
T2-WHS-A2 VIA 2x 500GB 24.1W 29.5W Now
T2-WHS-A3 Intel 2x 500GB 34.5 42.3W Dec
HP EX475 AMD 2x 500GB 60W 73W ?

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