Posted by: tranquilpc | November 21, 2007

WHS November Update

It’s almost here.

Make a note in your diary (if you own a WHS machine).  On Tuesday 29th November (just inside November) – the promised ‘November update’ will be available under the Windows Update service.

The update is mainly to ease ‘remote access’ use, but has some deeper fixes (including NTFS alternate data stream issues) – for a quick resume see below :

1.  Improvements to ‘remote access users’ using a trusted certificate
2.  Back up file improvements (deletion)
3.  NTFS data stream problems / fixes
4.  Drive Extender ‘shadow’ copies – now fixed

For the full story – see the official Microsoft comment.  For most of us the ‘fixes’ will really be ‘seen’ when using ‘remote access’ – but the ‘unseen’ fixes should provide an improved file system platform for demanding users.

If you already own a Tranquil Home Server (lucky you) – the updates will be applied automatically – no need to do anything.


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