Posted by: tranquilpc | November 17, 2007

Power – to be, or not to be ?

footprintHow much does ‘power’ really cost.

Based on 0.11p / KWH (Kilowatt Hour) – the UK’s typical current domestic tariff, a 3KW electrical heater will set you back £0.33 per hour – simple really to calculate ? So use more efficient heating systems right – but what about your IT systems, especially those that need to run 24/7.

We have 8760 hours in each year, so any savings can be significant.

Let’s compare a low power Home Server (T7-HSA) and a recently launched ‘regular’ Home Server.  Can you make real savings ?

Take the T7-HSA (single drive mode) @ 24W idle *
0.024KW x 8760 = 210KWH (or £23.13 / year to run it). 

A similar, recently launched server (single drive) @ 52W in idle
0.052KW x 8760 = 455.5KWH (or £50.11 / year to run it)

It gets even more interesting as more drives are added.

The T7-HSA + 3x 1TB GP drives consumes 36W when idle
0.036KW x 8760 = 315KWH (or £34.69 / year to run it)

A similar, recently launched server + 3x HDDs, boasts 76W in idle
0.076 x 8760 = 665KWH (or £73.23 / year to run it)

Summary of savings to be made, low power vs standard home server:

1x HDD (Idle) SAVING £26.98 /year
4x HDD (Idle) SAVING £38.54 / year
4x HDD (full load) SAVING £46.00 / year **

Now if you are interested in saving costs, AND reducing your carbon footprint, remember power consumption is DIRECTLY related to carbon emissions.




Tree Hugging ?

So- you don’t have to be a tree hugger to think about making savings – just think about your bank balance too ! 

See what a ‘tree hugger’ (Paul :)) had to say about his Home Server SAVING experience – here. 
(PS – Paul is not so cute as the girl in the picture !)

Paul indicated a saving of 220 W – that’s an annual saving of over £210.00 !! 

Think about your bank balance, your carbon footprint – or our children ?



*        PC Pro Magazine measured 20W in idle, we measured 24W
**      Low power T7-HSA (full load + 4x HDDs) = 52W
          Recent Home Server (full load + 4x HDDs) = 99W

(figures not independently verified, data taken from published information / laboratory reports.)



  1. Just bear in mind that real carbon footprint includes the energy used in the manufacturing process of a typical home PC. That is 83% of the total energy used during a 3 year life cycle. That means if you buy a new PC to save energy it could be extremely false economy as far as the carbon footprint.

    (reply) – You may be right, I can’t comment on your ‘actual’ figures. We know there is a ‘footprint’ created before any new product hits the shelves (hence why we ensure that all of our vendors provide materials with high recycled contents ie our alloy cases are typically > 75% recycled aluminium). Our concern is a) to reduce it’s ongoing ‘costs’, and b) to ensure that the useable life expectancy is as long as possible – our MTBF on most of our products is 55,000 – 100,000 hours (based on historical data) – and at the end of product life, many of the materials are recyclable. It’s doing ‘your bit’ – and everyone doing ‘their bit’ too 🙂

  2. Make savings by scanning documents/archives and recycling

    One ton of paper from recycled pulp saves:
    § 17 trees
    § 390 gallons of oil
    § Prevents 60 pounds of air pollutants.
    § 7,999 gal of water
    § 4.200 kilowatt hours (enough to heat your home for half a year)
    § 3 cubic yards of landfill space
    § Scanning documents eliminates unnecessary paperwork and can make carbon savings.
    § Cost benefits are not just on space savings, archiving, (one five draw filing cabinet is estimated to cost a business £400 a year)
    § Time savings – retrieving documents
    § Protecting your documentation and disaster recovery
    § Health & safety no more lifting heavy boxes
    § All documents once scanned can be confidentially destroyed, pulped and recycled.

    This ecologically sound and makes savings on your carbon footprint.

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