Posted by: tranquilpc | November 14, 2007

KeepVault – coming soon


Tranquil Home Servers should start shipping soon, with the KeepVault remote back up plug-in pre-installed.

The KeepVault application can be ordered online  The suppliers offer unlimited* remote backup capacity at less than £1.00 / week – staggering – I’d like to see their server farm !  One of my recent T2-WHS-A2 servers had a total capacity of 42TBs (unusual, yes – but I expect some people will have TBs of data to ‘back up’

Of course it would take quite some time to create the initial ‘backup’ even with today’s ADSL networks, but once it is done, it’s only incremental file updates thereafter.

So – local automated data duplication, automated full system backups (connected PCs)and then remote (off site back up) – still worried about your data ?  Don’t be !

* – there are a few ‘conditions’, aren’t there always :

  • personal use only, you may not use this service to backup business data.
  • no illegal material allowed, e.g. no ripped or stolen movies, music, photos or other electronic data that does not belong to you
  • the maximum individual file size is 5GB

Watch this space, and as soon as the product passes our stability tests, and it’s added to the Tranquil Home Servers, we’ll let you know. If you are already a Tranquil Home Server customer, you can sign up right now (but maybe you should wait – we hope to offer a ‘loyalty offer’ to existing customers).


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