Posted by: tranquilpc | November 14, 2007

Diary – Day 8 ‘British Engineering’

bigstockphoto_Diary_Entry_215990 Day 8





I had a chat with one of my friends online this morning and they mentioned that they had an old Lilliput 7” LCD screen lying around, it seems they’d read the diary and would be happy to donate this to me for “testing purposes”. At the moment he’s looking for the elusive proprietary cable that comes with the Lilliput. This’ll be kind of useful as it provides the USB / VGA out all in one cable…  Once I get it sorted, I’ll actually post some pictures of the device. I think I need some neon and some 19” spinners to add to that… or perhaps not…  I think I’ll leave that to MTV…

This evening I had some friends coming around that I could show off my new Home Server and the work I’d been doing on lower the power consumption in my house… not only am I loving becoming green, but I enjoy telling people that they should become green too… I think I really have become a tree hugger… there, I never thought I would actually say it, but I’m out… but don’t expect me to become a vegetarian!

Anyhow… my friends arrived and I started showing them the new power saving light bulbs (the excitement never ends at my house), the Tefal Quick Cup, this only boils one cup of water at time, another energy saving piece of kit…  then of course, I had to show them the T7-HSA!! I led them to my IT hub, which is under the stairs in my living room, I pointed them to the tiny black box with great pride and a wry smile on my face… I wasn’t expecting the response I got… “oh, doesn’t seem to be doing much”. That pretty much sent it into a rant of technical specifications… “Wh-wh-what are you talking about, that machine is state of the art British Engineering, from the heart of the north of England, 1GB of Ram, 1TB of Disk, 1.5Ghz CPU, it lets me access my machines remotely from anywhere in the world, it backups up my hard disks so all my machines at home are safe, it gives me piece of mind that my home environment is safe and secure and all this for less than the cost of running a lighbulb!!! How awesome is that!

After that rant, they pepped up their excitement levels, I wasn’t too sure whether it was because the device was that exciting to them or whether they feared I would go “Green Postal”… Anyway, it was time to calm down and have a cup of tea… back in the kitchen, I hit the hot water button on my Tefal Quick cup and “pop”, the sound of an RCD tripping and blackness everywhere…


I ran through my standard suite of tests, devices switched on and off, making sure we concentrated on the Quick Cup this time… after the testing this time it seemed that the Quick Cup was indeed the culprit… what to do… so now I have two devices in my little web of earth leakage trips… This is something that requires further investigation and a further chat to some of my friends who are electricians… 

Once I’d made sure that all my hardware was up and running correctly, no disk errors, it was time to stop “educating my friends” and time to relax and watch a movie… J

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