Posted by: tranquilpc | November 12, 2007

Diary – Day 6 ‘Defrag’

bigstockphoto_Diary_Entry_215990Day 6





This is what happens when you ignore an omen… I was awoken again this morning by a deathly silence, sure enough, the power had tripped out again… I ran through the same procedure as before… RCD’s on/off testing and the fridge appeared to be the common denominator once more… definitely time to get the plug socket RCD.

Logging onto my laptop, I can see that the little system try house icon for WHS is no longer green, but red… this is a colour I haven’t seen on the little house before… hovering over the icon I can see its telling me I have corruption on my beautiful 1TB disk in the T7-HSA… at least it still boots without issue…

I logged onto the WHS, right clicked the drive and selected repair, 5 minutes or so later and apparently all the errors have been resolved… This is what happens when you defrag a disk and you have a known earth leakage in your house, no one to blame but myself for this…

I think it’s time to invest in a UPS for my Windows Home Server. I’m about to start looking for options, I’ll keep you updated on what one I choose. But for the time being I think I’ll disable disk defragmentation, definitely not a good idea to have this running when the power can trip out at any point in time…

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