Posted by: tranquilpc | November 9, 2007

Home Server – Live from Redmond (3)

dscf2752-thumbComing to you live from the Windows Home Server Session presented by Todd Headrick and Joel Burt. 


Here you can also see how the little ‘fan less’ T7 compares in size to three other Home Server boxes.



Here is some assorted snippets from all the questions asked during the session today:

  • Home server does not use raid, but can duplicate the data to multiple drives.
  • It runs IIS, some people have had success installing SQL Express and adding extra websites.  (sounds a bit too geeky for me)
  • Largest home server storage to date (that he knows of) is 25 drives with 12 Tb of storage (Tranquil have tested a 42TB station)
  • 35 Software applications are available to run on top of Home Server to do different stuff.
  • There will a minor release (as a free download) be 1st Half of 2008 that has the Vista 64 connector.
  • The inbuilt backup is for Windows XP and Windows Vista machines
  • Apple Macs can use the home server as a file server
  • 2010 is too far away for the next major version of Home Server, so the team is looking at 2009


for full details – please visit update 3 -live from Redmond


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