Posted by: tranquilpc | November 8, 2007

T2-WHS-A2 – real pictures


The T2-WHS-A2, the high capacity Home Server is now shipping.  The success of the T7-HSA has been tremendous, but there was always the question of a larger capacity system.

The T2-WHS-A2 is the next Home Server in the series, and in it’s most basic form, it provides up to two internal 3.5″ high capacity drives.  The drives are mounted on our own custom ‘cooled’ semi-suspended HDD sub system.  This both protects the HDDs in transit, and daily use, as well as providing a degree of anti-vibration protection.  

One of the ‘nice’ features of the T7-WHS is the wall mounting option.  With the T2-WHS-A2 there are additional mounting options, Desk mount (default), 19″ Rack mount, secure Wall mounting, and floor mounting.  These ‘professional’ mounting options, ensure your data is not only backed up, but also ‘secure’ (not quite a locked up safe, but better than being a freely moveable system with exposed, easy to steal HDDs). 

 T2_Floor_mount Wall_Plate_CAD T2_foot_picture


Floor, wall, desk, or rack, the choice is yours



Of course there are six USB2.0 ports for quick and easy storage expansion, but by opting (or adding your own) PCI / eSATA cards, the system suddenly becomes a real mass storage device, you would never need any other form or storage.  Using the current eSATA PCI cards provides support for up to 8x ports.  Each port can connect to a regular eSATA HDD enclosure, or to the Tranquil T7-HDDe products – to be featured later in the blog – these clever devices use Port Multiplier technology to give you 2x HDDs per USB2 or eSATA port – you can even set the T7-HDDe products to manage their own data duplication (RAID).

By using our HiCAP eSATA PCI cards, with 4x ports per card, you can even connect our 4x or 5x HDD enclosures – work out the maths ……  you can have up to 8x HiCAP eSATA ports on the T2-WHS-A2, and each port driving 5x HDDs  (not to hard is it ?)


See to the right the huge CPU / chipset cooler !


I’ll be sharing more tasty information of our mass storage technologies / solutions in the blog, over the coming weeks, so stay tuned


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