Posted by: tranquilpc | November 8, 2007

Diary – Day 4 ‘The Fridge ?’

bigstockphoto_Diary_Entry_215990Day 4





No power outages in 24 hours, I’m wondering whether the problem with the tripout was transient, I’m hoping I don’t have to invest in a new fridge… but then again, it is an opportunity to invest in a new super green fridge, I’m getting that tree hugging feeling again. I think I’ll monitor the situation and see what happens. Perhaps a plug socket RCD would be a good idea for the fridge for the time being… Something I must invest in…

Anyway, enough about fridges, I went back to try and resolve the issues with the transcoding of video, but I’m now getting spurious memory error messages from the ASP.Net process, it might be time to start thinking about debugging this… or contacting the developer…audio still streams without issue… I’m assuming it’s something relating to the codecs, time to start trying some alternatives before I go down the debugging route…

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