Posted by: tranquilpc | November 5, 2007

Diary – Day 2 ‘220W saving ?’

bigstockphoto_Diary_Entry_215990 Day 2






It was morning and time to head into work… with breakfast out of the way I wanted to check in on how the file copying process was running, I connected, it was really very responsive and looked like it was around 85%ish of the total data to be transferred… I clicked around a bit to make sure all was good, then all of a sudden, I couldn’t connect to the WHS…

Then I realised, when I enabled the DNS name for my new server, I hadn’t disabled the old one, no more playing until I got home…

I can’t give an exact time when the file copy completed because of the DNS issue, but, it was less than 20 hours in total.

Another point of note, is that at the time of copying the data to the T7-HSA, I touched the device to see what the temperature was like and I think I’ll describe it as just above ambient… a really impressive cooling system which I have seen firsthand, the front of the case is just one huge heat sink and from experience this really does do a great job… I’m still not bored of looking at this slim and perfectly formed block of aluminium, with its single blue LED… although I think the people who are coming to the house and being told to look at this black book with a blue LED are getting bored… perhaps my passion is misaligned… again, I hope my girlfriend doesn’t read this… J

With regards to the dimensions of the T7-HSA, I placed it in front of my old case and I could easily fit 6 of them inside my old case… its just too tiny to believe… I’m definitely feeling Zen about the whole experience… the fengshui of my house has definitely improved as a result and I feel happier and healthier… J

Anyway, I looked at my Electrisave once more just to remind me of the numbers before I had the pleasure of turning off my old Windows Home Server… I logged on remotely and hit shutdown, 30 seconds later my Electrisave showed me my saving, approximately a 220w drop in power being used… The result being I would save some money myself on electricity, reduce my carbon footprint on earth. By my estimations, the T7-HSA will pay for itself in around 3 years… but the carbon impact is immediate… I feel like I should hug another tree…

I installed some of my core WHS plugins onto the T7-HSA, for those who don’t know what plugins are, they are a great way of customising WHS and provide additional functionality in the console. I’m currently working on a couple of my own… but they are super top secret at the moment… J

Then came my big test, there is a plugin called WebGuide, a fantastic application which allows for the streaming of media from the WHS across the internet using an ASP.Net based interface. Given that the T7-HSA only uses a 1.5Ghz processor I really wasn’t sure on how this would work… but there’s only one way to find out.

I got all the relevant codecs installed, followed by webguide and followed the configuration steps I had done a few times before. I checked that I could view my pictures, perfect, then checked my audio files, that worked like a dream.

Next it was video, unfortunately I got some errors on the streaming relating to the codecs. I have tried a number of different ways to fix the issue, but at this point I still don’t have conclusive results to provide. When I have the issue resolved I’ll let you know what the results are… looking at the amount of processor being used for MP3, I am hoping there will be enough power in there to transcode the video stream without losing frames etc…

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