Posted by: tranquilpc | November 5, 2007

Diary – Day 1 ‘Knock Knock’

bigstockphoto_Diary_Entry_215990 Day 1





“Knock Knock”…  that was the sound at the door, but today it was a “Knock Knock” I was really looking forward to. Opening the door, the delivery man was stood there holding a box that was truly too small to actually believe the T7-HSA was in there… I signed for the package, smiled at the delivery dude and slammed the door in his face and hurriedly went to the living room to unpack the device… my girlfriend looking at me and shaking her head at the boyfriend who had regressed to “Christmas Child” once more… I don’t often get excited about boxes and packaging, but it was done beautifully, no excessive packaging, the device was well supported and secure… and not a piece of Styrofoam in sight… all bio degradable cardboard… I hugged another tree in celebration… I have a feeling the tree’s are getting together to get an injunction to stop me hugging them… time will only tell…

Putting your hands on the device, it actually forces you to say “cool” when you first pick it up… I’m not sure whether its black magic, voodoo or something, but you just can’t help it, its a cold, solid, excellently engineered metal brick. It really is a beautiful piece of engineered aluminium, dare I say it… sexy! I pray that my girlfriend doesn’t read this…

I’d already renamed my old WHS to ServerBKP, so I knew I could plug the device straight in with no device naming conflicts. I connected all two of the cables, power and network… Then hit the power button… a blue LED lit up, it gave an expected BIOS beep, a nice confirmation of it being alive and whirred into life… well, when I say whirr, that’s the sound I imagined if I was an ant sat on top of the disk listening really carefully… in truth, the only indication was that the blue led was on… it was so beautifully quiet… I went and sat at my laptop and launched the Windows Home Server Discovery wizard and hey presto, it discovered the new home server and my existing one… all I had to do was tell the wizard, use “my precious”…

Something worth a mention is the speed at which it appeared on the network, it can’t have been more than 20-30 seconds, so my concerns about the low power processor in the machine were already alleviated… but I know I would be stressing it in sometime soon… that’s when the real testing of the CPU will begin… but that will come later…

I changed the password for the admin account, setup my user accounts and configured the DNS name for my Windows Home Server, I decided on a new name… which I won’t share publicly…

The mammoth task of copying the data to the new home server was looming… for my 850GB of data I decided to use the network rather than copying to an external disk and then back… my tool of choice was Robocopy. For those of you who don’t know Robocopy, it’s the most robust file copying utility for Windows. It’s included with Windows Vista, but was previously available in the Windows 2003 Resource kit and will work on Windows XP also.

The command line switches I use with Robocopy are normally /e /z, this is for sub directories and use restart mode… this way if I’m part way through a hug copy process I can easily stop and restart without duplicating any files or confirming annoying dialogues “replace this”, “overwrite that”, “blah blah blah”

I left the file copy process running overnight… running and running and running…

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