Posted by: tranquilpc | October 2, 2007

VIA boards and Vista / WHS

CN_45_s Some of the modern VIA main boards are being used for ‘modern’ Windows OS installations.  We know that there is a critical problem in trying to install VISTA/WHS etc on these boards – it does not work.  The issue is a ‘hidden’ feature in the BIOS called VIA V4 Fast TRDY.  On all factory shipped main boards and down loaded BIOS files, this feature can’t be edited in BIOS !  The default setting is Enabled w/wait, this stops the VISTA/WHS install.  To aid your installs, the following files have been made available for you with the BIOS feature visible, and preset for VISTA/WHS installation.  The updating of the BIOS is done at your own risk. All files are ‘zipped’.

BIOS File for VIA EN – BIOS flasher tool for VIA EN
BIOS File for VIA CN – BIOS flasher tool for VIA CN

Typical command line (incl clear) awfl865.exe ******.BIN /sn /cc

You will need to logon to the support site to allow file downloads
User name = Guest010, Password = Guest010

Any comments / feedback welcome


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