Posted by: tranquilpc | September 26, 2007

Western Digital Drives – now shipping

labelToday I saw some unusual HDDs in the production area.  The drives, with a massive 1000GB capacity had large GREEN labels on them – ‘GreenPower – Hard Drives by WD’

I then took a look at the test measuring system, and noted that these drives have REDUCED the power consumption of the already efficient T7-HSA home server boxes.  The drives – from Western Digital – are an amazing piece of design and engineering – they actually have a substantially lower (50%) power consumption in IDLE state (no read/write). This means they consume approx 4W in IDLE – amazing.  The T7-HSA (and other home servers) actually have a high HDD idle duty cycle – which means these new drives really will make a difference.


footprintWD_GP_1TBThe benefits of these drives are numerous – Lower Power consumption = less electrical power costs, less heat, increased reliability, quiet operation… and just that little less of a carbon footprint.

Let’s hope this technology catches on – it’s good news, which ever way you look at it   !!



  1. Any word about the availiability of the 500GB version?

    Reply – the 500GB units, with Western Digital GreenPower HDDs, will commence shipping from early next week.

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