Posted by: tranquilpc | September 19, 2007

Windows Vista: After Hours

The T7-HSA and other goodies will be on show, and ready for first time public view in : Manchester, Newcastle, Falkirk and London.

SSL23064_1For the first time you will be able to ‘see’ the T7-HSA – seen here in the picture next to a black X-Box, now you can see how small and slim it really is !!
You may be familiar with Windows Vista at work – whether you have deployed it, or are evaluating it, but have you ever thought about the possibilities of Vista outside of work? This session, aimed at IT professionals, explores not only the built in elements of Vista, such as Search, Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, and the Networking & Sharing Center, but also how you can extend your Windows Vista Experience, with Windows Media Center, Xbox 360 and specific applications to open up a new world of gaming and home entertainment.

18:00-18:30pm- Registration and Tea/Coffee
18:30pm-19:45pm- Session 1
19:45pm-20:05- Food and refreshments
20:05-21:20- Session 2
21:20- Close

To register (quickly) – please visit the location list below.

  • 20th September, Manchester
  • 25th September, Newcastle
  • 27th September, Falkirk, Scotland
  • 3rd October, London
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