Posted by: tranquilpc | September 12, 2007

WHS – shipping

PICT0004Well, the factory have been busy

Here are five pallet loads of servers, being shipped today (Wednesday).

Single units are also now starting to be shipped.

Demand is high for the T7-HSA server, and yet the production dept is still promising to keep delivery times to a minimum, thanks to Phil for prioritising this production line.

Also may thanks to the part vendors, in keeping to promised delivery schedules (some very pressing).

It’s a team effort, getting something like the T7-HSA to fly.  From our design team working with client feedback and inputs, the production and QA departments, and finally the shipping people – thanks again.

PICT0005PICT0003 PICT0005 PICT0004



  1. Wie wir schon berichteten bietet auch Tranquil PC eine Variante des Windows Home Servers an. Diese ist intern zwar nur mit einer Festplatte ausgestattet, doch können

    I love such small things!

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  4. Will this server be sold in the US? I’d love to pick one up, it seems like a great solution. I’d order one, but after shipping and VAT I might not have any money left!

    There is no VAT to payto USA 🙂

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