Posted by: tranquilpc | September 10, 2007


IMG_0004 The long awaited WHS (RTM) software has arrived.  This means the guys in the factory have got 2-3 days to complete and verify final tests, before they start packing and shipping those tiny little servers.

It’s been a bit nail biting, over the last few weeks, with on and off delivery dates, but now the CDs are here.  This means the back log of orders, and all new orders for these silent servers, will start to ship THIS WEEK (and then into next week) !


It’s great to see this project (R&D) now draw to a close, and the systems go to full production release.

Now the R&D team are having to get their heads down for the next important system design.

hsaMy thanks to everyone involved, and our supportive bloggers !  I’ll keep this WHS thread running, with any news, reviews, comments, updates etc for the T7-HSA as I get them.  But for now, this is good bye from me – on the R&D phase of the now selling T7-HSA – the first WHS appliance to go to market in the UK.

For more info – or to order a unit – take a look here




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