Posted by: tranquilpc | September 6, 2007

T7 systems – wall mount

I’ve just got a seek preview of the T7 wall mount kit to show you.

PICT0010aThe kit can be used to simply mount any T7 system to either a wall, a floor, a ceiling etc.  The extremely strong brackets simply slot into the T7 chassis.  The rear plate then hold the system in place.  

Alternatively if you fit brackets on BOTH sides, the T7 can be effectively sandwiched between a wall and a large display.

The fixing points can either be exposed, for simple fitting, ‘P’ hole, for hidden wall ‘hanging’ – or totally hidden, for very secure fixing.  The strong steel plate, also has locations for mounting a flat screen, 75×75, 100×100 or 100×150 options. I’ve seen a 50″ plasma mounted to this system, with the tiny T7 sandwiched – the wall bracket of the display WAS in fact a PC !!

Ideal for digital signage, industrial / retail (POS) systems, where a secure mounting of a PC is required. It’s so small – it would comfortably fit UNDER a desk !

Please see picture here, with a T7-HSA Harmony home server unit installed.


Seen here from the back, you can see the wall / screen mount options.

Once the unit is secured to the wall etc – it is extremely difficult to remove.

If you would like to know more about the T7, or how it could be used to provide your organisation with a ‘new product’ or ‘enhance’ an existing solution – just drop a quick email to



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  3. Brilliant. Love it. Your stock just went up with me.

    Considering how hot the box will run normally, is it a good idea to bolt this upside-down underneath a desk? That would be my preferred installation but, y’know, heat rises and all.

    REPLY : Ideally on this model, we prefer a good ‘air flow’ through the system. So vertical is best – but it will be OK horizontal – (label to the top) – it will rise approx 2-4’C above the vertical mode, but aslong as room temp stays below 36’C you’ll be OK.

    Thanks for comments

  4. do you have a wall mount bracket that’ll fit a Dell small form factor , if so i’ll have 165 please

    Sam Stevens
    Director ofn Design
    Learning Spaces uk
    0845 0944384

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