Posted by: tranquilpc | September 6, 2007

T7-HSA units – lined up and ready


It’s been some time in the making, and still waiting just a little longer (please Microsoft)….

But the T7-HSA units are now in the final stages of build, waiting for our QA guys to sign off the final RTM build (due to Tranquil tomorrow morning).  The sign off is expected to take 2-3 days, then those little beauties will be shipped as promised for mid September  , to waiting clients in almost every country in EU !!

Once the QA process is completed, and the order backlog is cleared, the factory hopes to ship new orders from customers within a very short period (normally 3-5days, but I’m trying to ask them get this down to 2-3 days).

kit1 WHS is almost here – watch out for one FINAL pre-production post from the Tranquil Blog very soon – that will be the last one – then the control will be sent down to the factory for mass production.  It’s been quite a journey, with last minute delays from MS – but then it’s not been so bad really.

Thanks to you all for your kind comments, and feedback.


What started as a complex 3D CAD concept, finally ships, in a svelte form.  



  1. This looks awesome. I hope I can get one in the US. I love the form factor and low power aspect.


    REPLY : – right now we are shipping direct to US clients – this may change. If you are interested – why not consider a direct purchase ?

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